Everyone’s story is uniquely their own, but we all have the same basic needs. It can be scary when we can’t provide for our families and fulfill those needs. That’s when Starboard Society can help. See what our families have to say about their Starboard experience.

The Starboard society has blessed my family in a time of great need. My father went to be with the Lord quite unexpectedly. My mother is disabled and unable to work, so the financial help towards the funeral expenses lifted a burden she didn’t need in this sad time. My family has been blessed immeasurably and is grateful to the Starboard society!

– Debbie & Ashley

My name is George. I am married and I have five children four of which are still at home. In the recent past my hours at work were cut in half and I was averaging twenty hours a week. As a result all of our bills became late by a couple of months and our electric, phone, internet and television were turned off. We were able to keep our refrigerator on by borrowing a small generator from a family member. Through a series of very unfortunate events we became familiar with the Starboard Society. The Starboard Society helped us by paying some of our bills and get some things turned back on. It was an answer to our prayers. We thank God for the Starboard Society and the very friendly and helpful people there. Thank you all very much!

– George

Hi my name Tierra, I’m 31 years old I got diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in July 2014 I have 4 children and married..since I been diagnosed my husband been doing everything since I been out of work then my cancer came back causing me to lose all my feeling in my right side…I had to have brain surgery do to my right side weakness by me going in and out of the hospital and doctor’s appointment my husband had to stop work..then I came across star board society which this organization help me pay my rent .Help me and my family stay another month because we were on the eviction list…. Thanks to the Starboard Society we are still in our home and to help me and my husband to relieve that burden of trying to pay the rent. Thank you starboard society!

– Tierra