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SS Christina Falls Testimonial

Kicking off 2017 with a Monthly Blog “Client Connections”

Starboard Society will be sharing a client’s progress (with their permission) on how the foundation impacted the applicant and their family.  
Not all journeys are the same.  Sharing our client’s journey, growth, changes and how our foundation helped navigate a turbulent or worrisome time is personal and we do not take that lightly.  We believe everyone’s story is valuable. Sharing that we are not perfect and together we rise to become better human beings will continue to create more positive outcomes for our community.  
Meet Christina Falls:  Starboard received this message after the new year as she reflected on a challenging time as a women, mother and grandmother. Uncertainty is one of the most paralyzing feelings.  
Christina writes: “As I start 2017, I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the amazing help I received from your organization this past year.
I found myself in a situation where I had to take custody of my grandson for a short time and it was very unexpected. I was not prepared financially to have him full-time and without your help I’m not sure we would have made it.
My car was on its last leg and I was forced to drive almost two hours each way, morning and evening, to get him to a daycare I couldn’t afford. 
I fell behind on my rent and was not sure where the money was going to come from. Helping me with my rent, phone and BGE payments was just the boost I needed to get through this rough spot.  
I was able to concentrate on my precious grandson and his well being.  I had peace of mind that I didn’t have to worry about not having a roof over our heads.
I want you all to know how grateful we are for your assistance.  I feel truly blessed.   You all are angels and pour your heart and soul into this organization and our community is so lucky to have you.”
 From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, Christina Falls 

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Starboard Society Testimonial Gutermuth Family


Another Great Family Heading North with the Starboard Society’s Help……………

We love to receive letters from our clients about how Starboard Society affected their lives.  A few weeks ago we received this letter from The Gutermuth Family and had permission to use their names and photo’s to share how a little compassion and help can go a long way!

My name is George and my wife Jeanne is a homemaker and home schools our 4 young children.  I am employed as an investigator.

In the last months of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 we faced some very severe financial hardship which nearly resulted in my family losing our house. My hours at work had dropped from 40-50 hours a week to approximately 10-20 hours a week.   This was unforeseen and as a result we became behind on all of our bills.  I did what I could to delay any issues that would impact my family, however, the Gas & Electric was turned off.

I as the family provider, sought help from whatever government programs we qualified for at the time. The process also takes time and this is where we were frankly getting a bit scared. We acquired food from as many food banks as we could and outreach from the community.   This time in my life as a provider was very trying and difficult, not to mention the stress on my wife and our precious children.   We did not have a lot at the time but we had faith, we prayed and sought the Lord for help in a way of a miracle.

One day my wife was inquiring about some government assistance program and the government employee told my wife about the Starboard Society.    This kind person who shared this information with my wife suggested  we contact them.    My wife contacted the Starboard Society the same day.   The ladies at the Starboard Society were so kind and caring and we were amazed.    We immediately felt a glimmer of hope and a weight lifted that someone was listening and could possibly help us.

After an interview we were informed that we qualified for help as Starboard Society seeks to help those who have fallen upon hard times and need some temporary help to get through a financial storm.  I told my mother about the Starboard Society and what they did to help people and she couldn’t believe it.

She was skeptical and stated that, “there had to be a catch” and that “we would probably have to pay them back”.

The Starboard Society and their desire to help people in need is incredible.  In a society that often makes us feel less than adequate when we have a hardship, The Starboard Society was an answer to our prayers!!  Yes there is a process but it is simple and painless.  No one is casting a stone or judgement, they truly are there to help with high impact short term resources the best they can.  The Starboard Society promised to help us through our financial hardship and they kept their promise.

With the Societies help we were able to get our gas and electric turned back on promptly. Next we made a plan to catch up on our mortgage and other necessary household expenses. In addition, the Starboard Society helped us in a way that helped us maintain our dignity.

Everyone we spoke with and met with was compassionate, positive and hopeful this was just a bump in the road and we would rise above this situation.

Even as I write this letter,  I am filled with emotion, gratitude and thankfulness for such a great group of people.

A wonderful foundation that I know will help many other people in Maryland who just need alittle help in life  – God bless you all!!


The Gutermuth Family

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Starboard Society Announces New Board of Directors October 2016

ss-meet-our-board-of-directorsStarboard Society’s all-volunteer staff and board of directors is composed of business and community leaders, each bringing a wealth of knowledge, resources, and dedication to the Starboard Society and the families we serve.

Our co-founders, Shawn Dippel and Cindy Atkinson are pleased to announce our 2016 Board of Directors.  Currently our board is focusing on our 4th Annual Holiday Christmas Appeal on December 1 2016 at Pier 5 Hotel in Harbor East.  Meet our board here

To learn more about our largest fundraiser of the year and how you can attend or get involved click here!