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Starboard Society’s mission is to provide short-term, high-impact assistance to Maryland families in need. Our focus is on working families who, through no fault of their own, are faced with unforeseen circumstances and find themselves in a critical financial situation. Whether from the loss of a loved one, divorce or any number of catastrophic events, these families are unable to meet their basic needs. Often their decision every month is which bill to pay – food or rent? Gas or medicine? These are the families we serve and before we provide assistance these families feel there is no way out.

We know these families. They are our fellow church members, our neighbors, friends, and family. They are us.

Starboard Society provides direct-to-vendor financial assistance to help with basic needs – primarily housing, utilities, food, clothing, and transportation. All donation proceeds go directly to the services we provide to families. We operate entirely as a volunteer organization – there are no paid employees – this ensures that our donors and the families we serve receive the maximum value from Starboard Society.

One example of how Starboard Society helps families in Maryland occurred just recently when Starboard Society was able to assist a single mother who had to care for her sick son when he became in need of multiple surgeries. She exhausted her sick time at work and was unable to pay the rent.  As with most, this mother was already living paycheck to paycheck when this unexpected illness devastated her financially. It gave her the peace of mind to know that the rent was taken care of while she cared for her son until he recovered.

Starboard Society is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization and our tax-exempt number is 46-2084978.

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